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I work with women who feel like this:

You can't stop

You feel like you can't stop binge-eating. Every time you screw up your diet, eat something “processed” or “fattening,” or just have a sh*tty day, you lose all control and end up eating every sweet, salty, snack-y, carb-y thing you can get your hands on.

You feel guilty

You feel guilty every time you eat. "I shouldn't eat that" and "I shouldn't have eaten that" are normal thoughts for you. You hate yourself and you wonder what the hell is wrong with you. You can’t understand how other people eat so normally.

You hate your body

Every time you look in the mirror, you immediately identify every body party you hate and fantasize about what you’ll look like when you finally lose the weight. You wait to buy clothes you like until that magical day you’re skinny and look good in everything. Until then, you hate the clothes you can fit into and you hate the way your body looks in them.

You criticize yourself

You think you’re bad because you can’t get your eating “right.” You don’t like yourself, and you’re not surprised if no one else is interested in you, either. You think the more weight you lose, the more attractive you'll be, and you're afraid that until then, no one will love you with the body you've got.


Women who work with me feel like this instead:

Give zero f*cks

Stop caring so much about food. Never worry about what to eat or when to eat or how much to eat or when to stop or who you’re eating with or what they think. Never obsess over your food or feel guilty or bad about what you ate. Feel freedom, choice, and abundance around food, and have fun eating. (Yep! Fun!)

Exercise for fun

...and only when you feel like it. Never force yourself to hit the gym or run an extra mile or suffer through that spin class you hate. Do what feels good, appreciate movement, and enjoy it so much you want more. (Imagine that!)

Like how you look

Find your body pleasurable and attractive. (You read that right!) Wear what you want and start feeling confident and sexy in those short-shorts, that bodycon dress, or that crop top. Take your shirt off in yoga class. Stop giving a f*ck about what anyone else thinks.

Adore your life

Tackle personal development head-on, cultivate meaningful relationships, and take ownership over your own life, all without the food obsession and binge-eating that drain your time, exhaust your vitality, and deplete your sense of self. Take back your life.


Doesn't that sound better than the binge-eating sh*itshow you're dealing with now?

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