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Her Love Lessons was a lifestyle brand for promoting self-care in sustainable, intuitive ways. Its mission was teaching women to use their inner wisdom to love themselves. Experts and community members shared their self-care practices.

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Brand & Web

To illustrate the self-compassion and tenderness necessary to trust one’s intuition, Her Love Lessons used subdued imagery, feminine colors, and gentle language. This approach differentiated the brand in a digital environment where a bold, flashy aesthetic dominates.

Each page featured a call-to-action. The website was built on the Squarespace platform.

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I used a mix of original content, original blog posts, shared articles, shared videos, and reposted content from other accounts to convey the brand message that sustainable self-care stems from one’s own intuition in a way that felt approachable and gentle in a world that’s aggressive and fast-paced.

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Her Love Lessons’ weekly newsletter conveyed encouragement and tenderness, and aligned with the brand’s belief that women need more gentleness and self-compassion. Each newsletter invited the reader to look within to find truth, wholeness, and healing. 

To convey personalization, I designed email newsletters to appear as if a friend had emailed another: no branding, just text in a little love letter.

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Her Love Lessons featured five individuals from varying backgrounds and industries to show its audience that everyone’s self-care practices are different, and that it is possible to find sustainable, intuitive self-care practices that meet one’s needs. 

These campaigns took place between October 2017 - May 2018 and preceded the launch of the owner’s health coaching business. During the campaign, I interviewed each individual and created blog posts and newsletters to promote their work. In turn, most participants shared their feature with their audiences, which resulted in a coaching launch representing $1,500 in revenue.

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