Holland Hettinger
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Clean Slate is a home organization service in Houston, TX.


Its mission is to help individuals, families, and organizations de-clutter and streamline in order to reduce overwhelm, manage life changes, and increase productivity.


Lisa of Clean Slate was looking to create a visual identity that communicated her company’s values and distinguished her from others in her field. After competitive analysis, we arrived on three attributes that would communicate the brand’s mission and values: minimal, light, and clean.

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To give Lisa’s website the feeling of a true clean slate, I minimized clutter, neutralized all bright colors except those of call-to-action buttons, and maximized empty space.

I also established an email nurture funnel with optin incentives and variable outcomes based on client behavior.

The website was built on the Squarespace platform and used custom HTML and CSS.

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Lisa needed a uniform to build brand recognition and trust. We applied a Clean Slate logo variant to collared work shirts in brand colors.


Photography: Jack Perry, Unsplash
Stock product images: CustomInk