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Want to stop binge-eating?

Get access to my masterclass, How to Stop Binge-Eating. In this free 3-part video series, watch as I share my top three strategies for getting over binge-eating for good.


Hi, I’m Holland

I teach women their lives don’t have to revolve around food. I teach women their minds can think about something other than what they eat. I teach women they don’t have to shrink themselves and hide their bodies. I teach women there’s an alternative to food guilt and body shame. And none of it includes dieting, meal prepping, weighing themselves, or forcing themselves not to binge-eat for just one—more—day. (Insert sigh of relief here.) Through training videos, coaching emails, and one-on-one work, I teach women to stop binge-eating for good.

Learn How to Stop Binge-Eating

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Get this free video series

In Video 1, I'll teach you why you haven’t been able to stop binge-eating, even though you tried everything you can think of. And I’ll teach you why everything you’ve tried so far is actually making your binge-eating worse.

In Video 2, I'll teach you the two key tools that you need to understand in order to stop binge-eating for good. These tools are totally intuitive and accessing them is the first step in solving your binge-eating problem.

In Video 3, I’ll teach you why you started binge-eating in the first place and how to address this underlying issue in order to stop binge-eating for good.

If you’re at your wit’s end with binge-eating, Holland’s training series is exactly what you need. Get on it.

—Vanessa O.

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