Holland Hettinger
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Her Love Lessons was my lifestyle brand for promoting self-care in sustainable, intuitive ways. 


Its mission was teaching women to use their inner wisdom to love themselves. Experts and community members shared their self-care practices.


To illustrate the self-compassion and tenderness necessary to trust one’s intuition, Her Love Lessons used subdued imagery, feminine colors, and gentle language. This approach differentiated the brand in a digital environment where a bold, flashy aesthetic dominates.

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The primary intention of the Her Love Lessons website was to drive users toward email optin, so signing up for email newsletters was the most obvious available user action. 

The website was built on the Squarespace platform and featured minimal custom HTML and CSS.

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The secondary intention of the Her Love Lessons website was to host newsletters, collaborative content, and exclusive features. 

Over its final six months, I collaborated with other brands to build interest and momentum as Her Love Lessons transitioned into a food and body image coaching business.

Her Love Lessons featured five individuals from varying backgrounds and industries to show its audience that everyone’s self-care practices are different, and that it is possible to find sustainable, intuitive self-care practices that meet her needs. 

I interviewed five entrepreneurs and created blog posts and newsletters to promote their self-care practices and their work. In turn, most participants cross-posted their feature with their audiences. The campaign reached over 2,500 on three platforms (Facebook, Instagram, newsletter), and resulted in a coaching launch representing $1,500 in revenue.

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I used a mix of original content, original blog posts, shared articles, shared videos, and reposted content from other accounts to convey the brand message that sustainable self-care stems from one’s own intuition in a way that felt approachable and gentle in a world that’s aggressive and fast-paced.

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The Her Love Lessons weekly newsletter conveyed encouragement and tenderness, and aligned with the brand’s belief that women need more gentleness and self-compassion. Each newsletter invited the reader to look within to find truth, wholeness, and healing. 

To convey personalization, I designed email newsletters to appear as if one friend had emailed another: no branding, just text in a little love letter.

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