Holland Hettinger
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Holland Hettinger LLC is my coaching business for women who are obsessed with food and hate their bodies.


Holland Hettinger LLC believes in questioning cultural assumptions about food, weight, and body image in order to promote awareness, acceptance, neutrality, and ultimately, healing.


From script-writing, to performance, to production, to editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, I single-handedly produced an original video masterclass to promote my coaching services. This four-video series, totaling 30 minutes, has reached over 200 people. The masterclass launch in 2018 resulted in $1,500 in revenue.

The series aesthetic matches the brand: simple lines and minimal colors with no-frills emphasis on the message.


With minimalistic photography and a neutral color palette, the marketing copy and calls to action shine. Each page drives the user toward action.

The website lives on the Squarespace platform and uses custom HTML and CSS.

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My Instagram features short, easy-to-read ideas using simple fonts and neutral colors. This features the message and information, while simultaneously rejecting the body- and beauty-centric social media culture in which the content lives. The content is all original.


Photography: Amber Seeley