If You Do This, You're Making It Harder to Stop Binge-Eating


Before I finally figured out how to stop binge-eating and stop feeling out of control around food, I tried a lot of different ways to stop binge-eating and get skinny:

Counting calories. No desserts. Vegan. Clean eating. Program dieting.

Those were the big ones. But there were smaller, subtler ways, too...

The only-eat-if-you’re-hungry-and-stop-when-you’re-full diet. 
I have so many thoughts about this. Another time ;)

The don’t-eat-forbidden-foods diet. 
I used to keep a list of foods I couldn’t control myself around: those soft cookies that come two to a package; the burritos at the food court; popcorn.

The only-eat-desserts-at-church-functions diet. 
So weird, right? (Made me attend church very excitedly.)

The eat-vegetables-at-every-meal diet. 
Kinda weird.

The husband-please-police-my-food diet. 
Eye roll. Please don’t ask your partner to do this.

The results?

  • Weekly, then daily binge-eating.
  • Obsessed with food (and obsessed with telling everyone about my food).
  • Daily weight-checking.
  • Fasting (read: starving) myself when I gained weight.
  • Hours spent scrolling dessert recipes on Pinterest (#dessertporn).
  • Gained every pound I lost back (and then some).
  • Hating myself.

I didn’t realize that I was doing it the hard way. (And that I was actually making my binge-eating worse.)

Honestly, from where I stand, all this is absurd. Unnecessary. Ridiculous.

Because now I know that
the path to happiness does not have to include detours into uncontrollable binge-eating.

The path to happiness does not have to include detours into uncontrollable binge-eating.

It seems so simple in hindsight.

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Holland Hettinger