What If You Could Stop Binge-Eating?


Before binge-eating took over my life, I used to eat normally.

Back then, food was not a big deal. I wasn’t obsessed with my next meal. I wasn’t tormented with how horrible I was for what I ate.

And I liked my body.

I didn’t feel guilty about how my body looked. I didn’t try to “fix” it. I was cool with it. I didn't even mind how I looked in a bathing suit. Or naked.

I spent my time and energy on family and prom and crushes and college applications and the spring musical and grades and music lessons...

Not on food.
Not on my body.
Not weighing myself.
Not worrying about what other people thought of how I ate and how I looked.

Now, after getting over binge-eating, I bake cookies for fun, not because If I don't eat a cookie now, I'll lose my sh*t. 

I keep Oreos and Nutella and cereal and bread and granola bars in the house and I don’t worry that I’ll lose control and eat them all. 

I go to the pool with cellulite, stretch marks, leg hair, and saggy boobs. Who cares? (Not me.)

I eat what I want and I like my body just as much as I did before the binge-eating sh*t-show that took over my life.

But more importantly: I live my life.

I focus on self-care. Career. Motherhood. Planning a vacation. 
I seek a truly fulfilling life without being skinny first.
I find joy in eating without controlling my food.
I'm cool with my body and it’s not a big deal.

This is how I want to live my life.

After getting over binge-eating, my self-worth is not determined by what I eat.
My successes and failures are not attached to the shape or size of my body.
I trust myself and I do not fight my body.

This is how I want to live my life.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy. But I did it.

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Holland Hettinger