If You Binge-Eat, You'll Know What I'm Talking About


If you struggle with binge-eating, you know that it’s hell.

First, there’s feeling completely out of control. 
Binge-eating is feeling like someone else is in charge of your body and you have no say in the matter. 
You watch yourself walk back to the kitchen, 
over and over and over and over, 
refilling your bowl again, refilling your plate again and again and again... 
Yet another serving, yet another helping, yet another bite... 
even though you're full, even though you're stuffed, even though you really couldn't eat another bite,
you do.
You can’t control it.

Then there is the secrecy and shame. 
Maybe he won’t notice if I grab another scoop of almond butter. “Just a second, hon!”... 
Maybe if I eat this brownie really quickly, they won’t notice I had another one... 
Did she see me get a third helping? Is she judging me? Is this how normal people eat?!... 
Is it weird to check the cabinets for food in someone else’s house? I just need to know what’s here in case I need to binge-eat later...

And then there’s the fear.
Fear of gaining weight.
Fear someone is going to judge you.
Dreading that you’ll never stop binge-eating because it’s been so long since you’ve eaten normally and it feels like everything, even binge-eating, is a binge-eating trigger.
And ultimately, there's the terror that no one will ever love you.

And binge-eating shows up in more subtle ways, too...
A general sense of self-hatred.
Feeling you’re never good enough.
Believing your life can only begin when you’re skinny, 
that life is only worth living if you’re thin, 
and that until you lose enough weight, nothing else is worth pursuing...

The greatest irony of all is that this binge-eating bullsh*t only results in
hating your body even more,
hating yourself even more,
and binge-eating even more.

This does not have to be your reality.

I know because it used to be mine. But it's not any more.

Stopping binge-eating turned out to be so straightforward.

Stopping binge-eating turned out to be so straightforward, 
once I understood a few important principles, 
like mindfulness, neutrality, and compassion...

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Holland Hettinger