You Don't Need a Reason

Photo by  Louis  from  Pexels

Photo by Louis from Pexels

We over-complicate eating. We wonder — 

Did I exercise enough to eat all this?
How much will I need to work out if I eat this?
Am I
hungry enough to eat?
Do I
deserve to eat?

But here's the thing. You don't need a reason to eat.⁣

Why? Because food is survival. It's basic. It's required. YOU DON'T NEED A REASON TO EAT. 

Needing a reason is JUDGMENT.⁣ And judgment is a THREAT to your food supply.⁣

Your body does not like its food supply being threatened. When it perceives that threat, your body will spiral into scarcity mode — cravings, increased appetite, hoarding, binge-eating.⁣

So instead of judging and criticizing your needs, honor your hunger. Honor your needs.

I talk a lot more about this in the last video of my three-part masterclass. If you haven’t seen it, you can get free access below.


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Hi, I’m Holland Hettinger, and I help women stop binge-eating. I believe your life doesn’t have to revolve around food. Your mind can think about something other than what you eat. You don’t have to shrink yourself and hide your body. There is an alternative to food guilt and body shame. And none of it includes dieting, meal prepping, weighing yourself, or forcing yourself not to binge-eat for just one—more—day. (Insert sigh of relief here.) Through training videos, coaching emails, and one-on-one work, I teach women to stop binge-eating for good.

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