This Is Why You Should Stop Dieting


This blog post is for you if you’ve ever felt like you can’t stop eating, if you’ve ever felt out of control around food, if you ever feel like you just eat waaayyy too much and believe dieting is the solution to those problems.


If you’ve ever felt like you can’t stop eating, if you’ve ever felt out of control around food, if you ever feel like you eat way too much and you want to stop, you have to stop dieting.

Why stop dieting?

You have to stop dieting if you want to stop binge-eating because dieting causes binge-eating. I’m going to say it again because if you want to stop binge-eating, it is VITAL you understand this: the reason you’ve go to stop dieting is that dieting causes binge-eating.

Dieting causes binge-eating.

I know this the opposite of what you think about dieting and binge-eating, right? You probably think that dieting alleviates binge-eating. Like, dieting is the solution to your binge-eating problem. Like, “In order to stop BINGE-EATING, I have to RESTRICT my food, I have to get on a PLAN, I have to DIET.”

But that mentality gets you stuck in a vicious cycle: you diet first because you want to lose weight; and then you binge-eat, because, remember, DIETING CAUSES BINGE-EATING; and then you diet because you think that’ll fix your binge-eating (and you still want to lose weight); then you binge-eat because, again, dieting actually CAUSES, NOT FIXES binge-eating; and then you diet to fix the binge-eating; binge-eat — diet — binge-eat — diet — binge-eat — diet.

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If you want to get out of this cycle, you have to remember the TRUTH about dieting: dieting CAUSES binge-eating. Dieting in order to “FIX” binge-eating pretty much GUARANTEES future binge-eating.

So stop dieting.

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