Gen Yoga


Gen Yoga is a suburban yoga studio outside Houston, TX. Gen Yoga believes that we grow faster together than we do alone. Its focus is building community through yoga. #growtogether

In alignment with the brand’s core value that there is power in togetherness, content affirms, welcomes, and invites the audience to join Gen Yoga’s community to both serve each individual, and help everyone grow together.

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To communicate clearly with a client base that is both new to yoga and unfamiliar with standard yoga studio operations, print design is simple and consistent with Gen Yoga’s presence on other platforms. We chose ivory paper to soften the usual contrast between black ink and white paper as well as to distinguish our collateral from other businesses.

I designed pricing cards, weekly calendars, in-house collateral, event posters, and take-home fliers. Revenue from events advertised in print represents 10% of the business’s income.

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I consulted with the web administrator to streamline calls to action, including prominently featuring the studio’s most lucrative introductory offer, which had previously been hidden at the bottom of the pricing page. I also added clear call-to-action buttons in contrasting colors on every page to drive visitors through the sales funnel. To foster a sense of community, I added previously-absent photos of owners, teachers, and practitioners. I also wrote original blog posts which included marketing content, original videos, clear CTAs, behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and frequently-asked questions.

These changes resulted in the highest average page views since the studio opened.

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I created original video content to promote the studio’s grand opening as well as other special events and workshops. These original videos were custom-exported to be used across platforms, e.g. Instagram videos were square; Facebook videos were landscape-oriented within a branded square frame in order to take up more space and attract attention; videos in blog posts were landscape-oriented and large in scale to fit the desktop platform.



I used original content designed according to and in parallel with the company brand guide; content from community artists to bolster both communities; and original video content.

While Marketing Director, average Instagram posts multiplied 4x, and average Instagram likes and comments increased 3x.

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I sent weekly custom marketing emails to remind clients of Gen Yoga’s mission and vision, and how what was done in the studio and in the community aligned with those ideals. To this end, I used warm, natural colors, affirmational language, an informal tone, and behind-the-scenes photos — like a family photo album.

I used custom list segmentation and custom auto emails in order to boost brand trust and increase retention rates. 

While managing email marketing, I saw an 86% increase in the size of our list. Our average open rate for segmented and general campaigns was 53%.

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Branded products in the studio retail boutique gave Gen Yoga clients the opportunity to visually communicate their love for the studio, feel connected to the studio and other practitioners, and, of course, generate brand awareness in public.

I designed children’s T-shirts and pens, and consulted on the design for adult tees and tote bags.

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Logo, photography, and web management credits: Jess Define

Stock product image credits: CustomInk, Albury Enviro Bags

Holland Hettinger